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Work Demands and Schedule Often Interfere with Eating Well

Nearly half [47 percent] of the respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-Up Poll said that they eat well most of the time. Another nearly 21 percent that they do about half of the time, and 15 percent they eat well less often than they’d like to. Just about 17 percent said that they eat well all of the time.

A number of factors contributed to why respondents did not eat well at least part of the time. Overwhelmingly, 65 percent said that their work schedule demands were an interference. Other top responses were that participants were too tired to cook [44 percent], lack of inspiration [38 percent] and their kids’/family schedule [28 percent].

Those who took the poll shared a glimpse of what their regular meals look like throughout the week. The dominant response of 80 percent was that they ate home-cooked with fresh foods, followed by prepared/frozen meals [7 percent] and takeout eaten at home [7 percent].

Twenty-seven percent of poll partipicants are the almost exclusively the household chef, and another 27 percent are most of the time. Twenty-two percent has help half of the time, and another 22 percent said that they rarely have help.

A majority [67 percent] spend some time counseling patients on nutrition, and about 16 percent of respondents do so on a regular basis.

Several respondents shared additional comments about their nutrition/meal planning, etc.

I spend entirely too much time at work to be willing or able to plan meals. I’m hungry when I get out at 7 so I pick something up.

I am seriously considering taking a certification or post-grad course in nutrition. Currently, keeping up with research in how general and ocular health is affected by nutrition and lifestyle.

Four months ago I joined a coach program for nutrition and fitness Calle FASTer Way to Fat Loss and lived it so much I went through the certification process to become a coach. After a LIFETIME of struggling with eating well and exercising I have the tools to succeed. It has made me really pay attention to what good nutrition can do for health and I find myself talking way more about the topic with patients.

If I meal plan, feeding my family is a breeze. When I fall off the band wagon of meal prepping, it’s a stressful whip out a meal.

I am on the whole 30 diet right now. My family is participating as well

Honestly, it’s exhausting doing it all. Being doctor, boss, mom, household coordinator, maid and chef all at once? Sometimes I can’t do it all and perfect cooking/eating habits are one of the first things to go. But I always try to get in my fruits and vegetables and encourage my kids to do the same.

I make a big green salad to go with dinner- and then have enough to bring for lunch the next day. Just add a little protein- leftover chicken, feta, chick peas.

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