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Workplace Temps: Too Hot, Too Cold or Just About Right?

“It’s so dang hot in here!”

“Is anyone else freezing?”

How much of a workday is spent in conversations like this? Office temperatures are a fairly significant distraction to employee productivity and satisfaction. According to an article in Business News Daily, 39% of respondents to a study said that they were dissatisfied with the temperature in the building.

In general, women tend to feel colder than men do at the same air temperature. One study found that men tend to prefer rooms at 72℉, while women tend to prefer 77℉, according to the article.

Body size and fat-to-muscle ratios are factors, but so are clothing choices and job tasks. The reception who sits near an air conditioning vent is likely to be colder than the technician who is moving throughout the office. The OD who wears a lab coat or suit jacket is likely to be warmer than the one in sleeveless dress.

photo shows a hand adjusting a thermostat set at 68 degrees
Photo credit: iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

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