Take a Seat

Even in the most efficient of offices, most patients are still going to spend a few minutes seated. Seating plays an important role in creating the vibe of your office environment.

Add some color. In Dr. Gigette Collazo Harfst‘s practice, bold colors are found throughout the entire space and the chairs are no exception. Dr. Veranika Sherman lets her bright red chairs create pops of color on a mostly neutral palette.

Break the mold. You will feel like you’re leisurely sitting on the front porch in Dr. Samantha Hornberger‘s wicker chairs. Dr. Mei Fleming uses clear acrylic chairs to complement her boutique-style space.

Make it comfy and cozy. Dr. Karina Langle encourages conversation, placing waiting seats facing inward around a unique talking point, her table made out of an old fire extinguisher. Dr. Dori Carlson invites patients to get comfortable near the fireplace.

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