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Timing is Everything

WO has had the pleasure of speaking with many ODs who have taken the plunge into practice ownership and creating a personalized space. A common theme throughout these stories has been that patience is key, and success comes when the timing was just right in each situation.

That might have been as a fairly new graduate, like Dr. Abby Jakob. Or in the case of Dr. Ellen Fitzgerald, the time was right when she followed through on a vision that was 12 years in the making.

Dr. Kim Wampler sought a different style practice than the one she purchased with her husband, but ultimately transformed that business with a move to her dream space. And Dr. Sara Low felt confident to purchase a practice with an established history once she gained a variety of experiences and moved across the country.

                                                           Dr. Abby Jakob
                                                       Dr. Ellen Fitzgerald
                                                       Dr. Kim Wampler
                                                           Dr. Sara Low

Read their unique stories and more on The Physical Space.

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