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Top 10 Design Stories of 2018—Part 2

Women In Optometry has had the pleasure of talking with so many inspiring ODs about their practices and physical office spaces: from full-scope to specialty offices with clean, modern looks to those that are elegant and elaborate. Here, we complete our countdown of the top 10 most-read design stories from 2018.

5. Doctor Makes the Patient Experience Communal

Sometimes, you just need to do things your way. When Mei Fleming, OD, was crafting plans a for a new practice a few years ago, that was the only way she wanted to go. Read more…

4. Dream Practice Comes To Life

In February 2017, Belinda Dobson, OD, held a staff retreat and unveiled the plans for her new office space to her team. And after that, she could hardly contain her excitement in telling her patients. Read more…

3. “You Had Me at Sushi Chef”

Lili Liang, OD, MPH, was walking through the Gastown district of Vancouver, an older, artsy part of this British Columbia town. She and an optometrist friend stopped in at Durant Sessions, an optical shop that had such a unique vibe. Read more…

2. All Eyes on Cedar Park Vision

The artsy downtown of Austin, Texas, provided endless inspiration for Kim Wampler, OD, as she and her husband Jeff Wineinger, OD, relocated their practice Cedar Park Vision earlier this year. Read more…

1. Making Time for the Family


Julie Walter, OD, says that she was tired of missing out on her children’s activities and not spending Saturdays with her family after a decade of working as an employee in a corporate optometry setting. Read more…

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