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Efficient Refractions Create More Patient Time

aleksandra wianecka featuredToward the end of 2018, Aleksandra Wianecka, OD, decided it was time for some serious updates to the oldest of her three practice locations in Valley Stream, New York. She decided to completely revamp two of her three lanes with all new equipment, including a Reichert® Phoroptor® VRx and a ClearChart® 4 Digital Acuity System in each exam lane.

Her staff of five, who work in both the updated digital lanes and the traditional manual lanes, took to the new technology quickly and easily. The difference in speed of the refractions was apparent from very early on, and with practice, the entire staff was as efficient as ever.


Almost immediately, the digital refraction difference was apparent in several ways, with many patients finding the refraction process to be simpler with the Phoroptor VRx. One of the features that she appreciated most was the ability to show patients the difference between their current and new prescription instantaneously, so they can compare the prescriptions quickly and easily, and answer with greater confidence. “I’m surprised by how many patients comment, ‘Oh, I see a big difference,’ even for small changes,” she says.

These patients are more inclined to stop in the optical and select new eyewear, making her decision to go digital a good business decision. The prescription comparison feature is a simpler process than having patients ask her how much their prescription has changed and supplying them with a number that doesn’t mean anything to them.

Now they are able to make that determination in real time, based on how much better they can see by having the difference shown right before their eyes. This comparison is so easy for the patient, and it shows by the conversion rate in the optical.

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There are numerous benefits using the Phoroptor VRx, and her practice has improved from having increased patient satisfaction and an increased patient flow. The biggest benefit for the patients is that now Dr. Wianecka can spend more time talking about their ocular health in-depth, while spending the same amount of time in the exam room. The Phoroptor VRx has made her exams so efficient that she can shift her focus from refraction-related tasks only. Now she can have more detailed conversations about eye health and the latest technologies that can help her patients achieve excellent vision.

It has helped improve patient flow so that the practice is able to add some appointment slots to the day. “An extra patient per day can make a big difference to your bottom line,” she says.

The system also interfaces with other technology already in the office, so the transmission of data to the patient record and optical dispensary is fast and free of transcription errors. “There’s a consistency and precision to the refraction process that is very nice,” says Dr. Wianecka, and that precision is now carried through from start to finish thanks to easy EMR integration. The benefits from her upgrade aren’t isolated to just the Phoroptor VRx , but also extend to her updated digital acuity system.

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The crisp, clear display of the ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System with its variety of specialized test charts, which she can operate directly from the Phoroptor VRx controller, is a huge benefit to her exam. Being able to control the Phoroptor VRx and the ClearChart without having to stand and make adjustments while she is comfortably seated is more relaxing.


Dr. Wianecka has seen the many ways the Phoroptor VRx and ClearChart 4 Digital Acuity System have enhanced her office from not only the patients’ perspective but from the entire staff as well. Staff has become so attuned to the digital refraction process that it is now second nature.

From the individual conversations with her patients, the physically relaxing way exams can be done from the main controller and the accurate prescriptions immediately transferred to the optical, the advantages are countless. “There are so many benefits. As soon as you begin working with this system, you appreciate them, but then they become so fundamental to the process that you don’t specifically recognize them anymore,” she says. “They add to the overall impression that the office is a more relaxed, comfortable and efficient workplace,” and it shows.

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