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03.26.20: Third Wave of ECP Attitudes Reflect Stress About the Uncertainties

As closures and service limits take effect, financial impact becomes clearer.

COVID-19 and the Eyes – What’s New

More information about COVID-19 and conjunctivitis hit the airwaves overnight. CNN shared video from an interview with a nurse who worked with patients in the...

Coronavirus Concerns Ramped up During March

Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll on how practices have been affected by coronavirus shows the changing attitudes over the period of time that the poll was open.

Dr. Cheryl Murphy: Dealing with Coronavirus Uncertainty – One Day at...

Cheryl Murphy, OD, of Long Island, New York, details some of the steps that the doctors and staff members are taking to do what they can to flatten the curve, protect themselves and protect patients.

Jobson Research Releases Second Coronavirus ECP Impact Survey

A new survey asks ECPs to provide responses on a range of topics connected to the pandemic.

03.16.20: Jobson Survey Finds Nearly All ECPs Are Taking Extra Precautions;...

BREAKING NEWS: In order to provide eye care professionals (ECPs) with nearly real-time updates on trends and the impact from the coronavirus, Jobson Research will be conducting regular surveys on practitioner habits and business developments.

Alert Patients to Prevention Methods

Patients at Lakeline Vision Source in Cedar Park, Texas, see this sign on display.

Most ODs Have Routine to Prevent the Spread of Viruses

The majority of participants to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-Up Poll said that they are routinely taking steps to prevent the spread of viruses.
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