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Summer, Riojas and Optometry: A Heavenly Combination

By Nadia A Virani, OD Vice President of Operations- EVP Eyecare As the summer months roll in, we find ourselves sheltering from the heat and excitedly...

Pop-up Poll: Has Omicron Variant Impacted Your Business?

How have the recent surges in coronavirus cases impacted your practice? Did your business have to close due to coronavirus-related illness? Loading…

Back-to-School Season Is Looking Strong, Poll Respondents Say

According to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll, a majority of the respondents said that the back-to-school season has not fully recovered from...

Open, But Not Quite Business as Usual

The latest survey results from Jobson Optical Research into trends and attitudes about COVID-19 show that eye care businesses look to be regaining some...

Micro School Concept Relieves the Stress for One OD’s Employees

Lena Walker, OD, was coming to the New Normal from two perspectives: a parent and a practice owner.

Dr. Linda Chous: Could Coronavirus-Related Stress Result in More Increased Non-Organic...

Linda Chous, OD, owner of the whimsically named The Glasses Menagerie in Minneapolis, Minnesota, encourages ODs to be on the lookout for a possible spike in nonorganic vision loss.

OD Celebrates One-year Practice Anniversary Under Stay-at-home Orders

When Dr. Meghan Riegel begins her reopening this week, she'll be flying solo for a while.
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