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Make Time for Creativity

Since the time that she was drawing on the walls of her parents’ house as a kindergartner, Suzanne LaKamp Adkins, OD, FAAO, has turned...

Picture-Perfect Pair

Meet Sean and Steph. Sean Cushman, OD, and fiancé/OD student, Stephanie Nahhas, met through a combination of their passion for faith and optometry, bonded...

Optometrist by Day, Painter by Night

Julie Vanasse, OD, channeled her creativity into painting from a young age and envisioned herself pursuing a degree in fine art. Throughout her studies,...

2021 Women’s Leadership Conference: Me Minutes

Sarah Manongdo-Joya, OD, of Chicago, Illinois Kristi Nguyen, OD, of Orlando, Florida Heidi Pham-Murphy, OD, of Sacramento, California Julie Poteet, OD, MS, CNS, FONS, president of the...

How Do You Stay Balanced?

It’s been so crucial to find time to refocus and refresh when office hours are over.

2020 Women’s Leadership Conference: Me Minutes

Women ODs share how they prioritize what is important to their personal well-being. Hear from six doctors from across the country in the following short segments.
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