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One Year Later: Majorities Say COVID-19 Has Had Pervasive Negative Effects

We hardly need a poll to tell us what we already knew: it’s been one tough year.

The Patients Are Coming! Wave 10 Results Show Patients Want Access...

Wave 10 of the Jobson Optical Research coronavirus survey found that 81 percent of respondents said their location is currently open.

05.04.20: First Reopenings Underway in Wave 8 of Jobson ECP Survey...

As the strictest stay-home orders are being lifted in some states, some eye care professionals are beginning to reopen, while others are planning for it.

04.27.20: Seventh Wave of ECP Survey Turns towards Reopening Strategies

Most respondents to the seventh wave of the Jobson Optical Research coronavirus survey said they indicated that they were fairly optimistic about reopening.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect Our Careers

It goes without saying that COVID-19 that started out as a pandemic is going to have a ripple effect on our lives, careers and the global economy.

03.31.20: Interest in Telemedicine and Preparing Now for Reopening Among Key...

As of March 31, governors in 30 states and the mayor of Washington, DC, had issued stay-at-home orders. Those orders and the rapid escalation of COVID-19 cases have contributed to anxiety and stress for ECPs. Here are the results of the 4th Jobson Optical Research survey.

03.16.20: Jobson Survey Finds Nearly All ECPs Are Taking Extra Precautions;...

BREAKING NEWS: In order to provide eye care professionals (ECPs) with nearly real-time updates on trends and the impact from the coronavirus, Jobson Research will be conducting regular surveys on practitioner habits and business developments.
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