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Wave 22 of Survey Shows Strong Economic Recovery for Optometric Practices

April 2021 seems to have been a strong month for economic recovery for optometric practices, according to Wave 22 of the Coronavirus ECP Survey conducted by Jobson Optical Research from April 26-30.

Wave 21 Of ECP Coronavirus Survey Respondents Weigh In On Pandemic’s...

While eye care professionals saw a much stronger March 2021 compared to March 2020, on average the metrics are still lower than they were in March 2019, according to wave 21 of the Jobson Optical Research Coronavirus ECP survey.

Virus Impact Continues: Nearly Half of Respondents Have Had a Team...

Nearly all respondents said that their practices have reopened in the Wave 20 of the Jobson Optical Research survey on ECP attitudes on Coronavirus,...

Coronavirus Survey: Majority Of Respondents Say Someone In Office Has Had...

More than half, 52 percent, of respondents to the 19th wave of the Jobson Optical Research survey on COVID-19 said that someone in their practice location has gotten the virus.

Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk on Pay Gap Issues

Annual salary and compensation surveys show year after year that there is a gap in reported compensation between men and women in the same profession.

Eye Care Practices Wrap Up a Painful Year

Although 97 percent of respondents said that their location is open, revenues are down and coronavirus concerns are high, according to the 17th wave...

Wave 13 Shows Most Practices Have Reopened, Concern Continues for Rising...

Ninety-seven percent of respondents said that their location is open, according to the Wave 13 COVID-19 impact survey from Jobson Optical Research.

Wave 12 Survey Shows Practices Running Under a Caution Flag

With an increase in new coronavirus diagnoses, respondents to the wave 12 Jobson Optical Research survey say that they are concerned about the possibility of additional shutdowns.

Focus on Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission in Wave 11 of Survey

Ninety percent of respondents to the Wave 11 survey on coronavirus attitudes and trends are open for business.

The Patients Are Coming! Wave 10 Results Show Patients Want Access...

Wave 10 of the Jobson Optical Research coronavirus survey found that 81 percent of respondents said their location is currently open.
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