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Women In Optometry Welcomes New 2022 Board Members

Every year, six optometrists of varying backgrounds with different perspectives join the Women In Optometry advisory board to serve a two-year term. These ODs...

Two WO Voices Podcasts Share Loan Payoff Experiences

Hear from Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, and Emily Bjore, OD, on the approaches they took on repaying student loans that allowed them to pay down their debt faster.

The Rhonda S. Robinson, O.D. Contact Lens Residency Award: In Memory...

By Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD—My world is forever changed after Rhonda's loss. I am so thankful to have been inspired by her during optometry school and that our paths merged when I moved to Indianapolis.

Quick Takes: Financial Freedom with Dr. Monica Johnsonbaugh

Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, shares the path that she took to pay off her student loan debt in half of the required time with WO editor-in-chief Marjolijn Bijlefeld.

Women In Optometry Welcomes New 2021 Board Members

Join us in welcoming the new 2021 board members!

Smart Planning

Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, of Grosse Pointe Michigan, says that opening her own practice several years ago has allowed her tremendous flexibility in being able to attend school and extracurricular events for her two daughters.
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