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Dr. Whitney Territo: Finding Support in Pursuing Private Practice Goals

Acquiring a turnkey independent practice has allowed Whitney Territo, OD, and her husband and co-owner John Manard, OD, to focus on growth and enhancing...

Survey Results Indicate Uneasiness About Practice Transitions

In the Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll on counting down the years to retirement, one of the concerns expressed by more than 20 percent...

Vision Source Takes New OD Under Its Wing

Despite being furloughed during COVID-19, Talin Amadian, OD, can’t be stopped. In mid-November, she purchased Woodley Optometry in Encino, California, making her the third...

Fewer Worries: Practice Transitioned to MyEyeDr. Network Just Ahead of COVID-19

For Jina Schaff, OD, the acquisition of her practice by MyEyeDr was a blessing.
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