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WO Welcomes Six New Professional Advisory Board Members

Women In Optometry announces its six new board members for 2024-2026. The board consists of a group of 18 ODs, each serving a two-year...

Construction Delays Leave More Time for Decisions

Bank-to-office construction finally underway A fundamental rule contractors often tell clients is that the project could take about twice as long as anticipated. Samantha Hornberger,...

Banking on Growth

Samantha Hornberger, OD, was feeling a little cramped. With just 1,400 square feet, the space constraints were limiting her ability to expand her team,...

How Do You Stay Balanced?

It’s been so crucial to find time to refocus and refresh when office hours are over.

Doctor’s Orders: Patience and Grace

Doctor wrote an office-closing manual to help herself through the process, so it makes sense that she would create one for opening a practice, too.
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