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Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management Is Like Adding a “Rock Solid” Employee

As is true for so many optometrists who opened their new practices in late 2019, Elizabeth Allspaw, OD, could not have predicted that six...

Navigating the Troubles of a Cold-Start Practice with Ease Due to...

Krystal Hoover, OD, grew up in a household where entrepreneurship was a way of life for her family as her parents have their own...

A Call for Help Leads to a Profitable Partnership

COVID-19 rocked the lives of people all over the world, particularly business owners and health practitioners--who were forced to make one tough decision after...

One Smart Business Decision Leads to Strong Optical Management

In the first decade or so after her 2006 graduation from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Alizzi J. Stanchel, OD, worked primarily in corporate locations.

Faster Cash Flow and Lower Payroll Expenses Helped Doctor Grow Practice

Erika Morrow, MS, OD, opened her practice, ForSight in Savannah, Georgia, in August 2019.
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