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Student Loan Debt Strategies Evoke Both Pride and Pain

Many ODs responded to the WO Pop-up Poll on student loan debt. You can read the poll results here. Here are some of the individual...

Two WO Voices Podcasts Share Loan Payoff Experiences

Hear from Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, and Emily Bjore, OD, on the approaches they took on repaying student loans that allowed them to pay down their debt faster.

Under the Magnifying Glass: A Closer Look at Student Loan Debt

Women In Optometry is breaking down the data from its latest Pop-Up Poll on student loan debt and looking at the way student loan...

What You Said: Your Responses to our Analysis of Student Loan...

The recent Women In Optometry Pop-Up on student loan debt drew in a great number of responses; 401 of poll participants were optometrists.

Student Loan Debt Pop-Up Poll Shows Significant Student Debt Load, Long...

This is a preliminary report of a hot topic Pop-Up Poll focused on student loan.

Quick Takes: Financial Freedom with Dr. Monica Johnsonbaugh

Monica Johnsonbaugh, OD, shares the path that she took to pay off her student loan debt in half of the required time with WO editor-in-chief Marjolijn Bijlefeld.
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