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Goals Set Up OD for Success

Whitney Territo, OD, grew up watching her optometrist-dad go through his own journey of private practice ownership. Now Dr. Territo has a private practice...

Dr. Whitney Territo: Finding Support in Pursuing Private Practice Goals

Acquiring a turnkey independent practice has allowed Whitney Territo, OD, and her husband and co-owner John Manard, OD, to focus on growth and enhancing...

Vision Source Takes New OD Under Its Wing

Despite being furloughed during COVID-19, Talin Amadian, OD, can’t be stopped. In mid-November, she purchased Woodley Optometry in Encino, California, making her the third...

SPECIAL REPORT: Achieving Independent Practice Success

The stakes often feel so high for private practice owners, whether they are early-career ODs, those looking to grow or add an associate or even those who are beginning to plan a transition in ownership.
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