The Stories That the Eyes Tell

Caroline Quan is a proud advocate for creating a cohesive relationship between the fields of the arts and sciences.

Key Business Partner Helps Optometrist Improve Practice and Drive Mission

Amanda Barker-Assell, OD, of Denver, North Carolina, says that her profession “has given me the opportunity to be successful in the areas of life that are important to me.”

Advanced Technology Gives Patients More Confidence

When Nancy Truong, OD, and her husband graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 2002, they had known their ultimate goal was to one day open their own practice.

For the Le Sisters, Optometry Is the Family Business

For My Le, OD, and Yen Le, OD, FAAO, their inspiration to go into optometry was influenced by their parents and sisters being physicians.

Finalize Most Multifocal Fits at First Follow-up

When patients becomes presbyopic, their quality of life is compromised.

New Opportunities Arise With Ownership Shift

When a long-held family business is sold, it’s natural to be sentimental about the way things were, says Elizabeth Roberts, OD.

How a Passion for Nutrition Helped Build a Thriving Medical Practice

Jessica Marshall, OD, took a chance nine years ago and decided to work inside a LensCrafters.

2019 Theia Award Winners on WO Voices Podcast Series

Several of the 2019 Theia Award winners are featured in WO Voices podcasts, which are featured this week.

Break Out Your Halloween Costumes

This year, many of your offices while be decked out for Halloween, according to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll.

The Effect of Contoured Prism Lenses on Chronic Headaches: A Case...

By Yamam Almouradi, OD—Ground-in prism and lens decentration are routinely utilized by optometrists and ophthalmologists to relieve symptoms of trigeminal dysphoria.

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