5 Tips to Maximize Your Earnings as an Associate OD

By Lauretta Justin, OD—Five years ago, I had an employee who was good at his job.

Embracing Interprofessional Care in Optometry

By Breanne McGhee, OD, MEd, FAAO—Daily, we encounter complex clinical cases and are often faced with the question: How can I improve not only this patient’s vision but his or her overall wellness?

Pockets Rule!

WO Pop-up Poll finds split between those like and dislike wearing a white coat.

Living Your Best Life

By Marjolijn Bijlefeld, WO Managing Editor—When I was growing up, a folk-art plaque on the kitchen wall reminded me daily: Bloom where you are planted.

There’s Apparently No Perfect Time for Having Children

WO Pop-up Poll respondents feel timing for having children is less of a factor for male ODs.

Room for Growth for Women in Leadership Roles

Fifty percent of respondents to a recent Women In Optometry poll shared that they believe that women are under-represented in leadership in the optometry profession.

It’s Only Routine Until It Isn’t

Nearly 96 percent of the respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll said that they’ve made at least one life-saving or sight-saving diagnoses during a routine comprehensive eye exam.

What’s in Your Dry Eye Pantry?

Sandra Young, OD, has created this list of staples, spices, and grocery or specialty store items for your pantry.

Simple Accommodations That Help Special Needs Families

In a recent Women In Optometry WO Voices podcast, Lauretta Justin, OD, of Orlando, Florida, talked about the difficult changes she and her husband had to make when two of her sons were diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

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