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How Midland Optical Streamlined Operations through a VisionWeb Lab Integration

Jonna Tobolski

When Jonna Tobolski joined Midland Optical in Chicago, Illinois, in customer service about 18 years ago, she had no prior experience in this industry. Still, she moved quickly from customer service to data entry in the busy lab that now processes between 600 and 800 jobs in a day from many different ophthalmic lens vendors. The optical lab is a contract lab for some third-party contractors.

“When I started, we had to hand-key every job with the frame order into the system– until VisionWeb came along,” she says. VisionWeb’s Lab Management Integration allows them to effectively eliminate manual data entry. “We only have to hand-key a dozen or so orders a day.”

As data entry manager, Tobolski manages and maintains the center’s order operating system. She and her team of seven run a streamlined operation. “I would need at least two other people to key in jobs if we didn’t use VisionWeb,” she says. She remembers what she was able to manage with the manual entry – and the lens and treatment options today are much more complex than they were then.


There are multiple benefits that Midland’s customers notice, too, she says. Customers can order from Midland’s catalog of lens products on the VisionWeb.com portal or other integrated point of sale or practice management systems. Whatever software system practice staff uses to order their frames and lenses, the transmission is all electronic, so there are fewer mistakes in the transmission of orders. Practices using VisionWeb themselves get reports from VisionWeb, but Midland also sends out customer reports. That makes it easy for them to check on order status and get delivery updates.

She adds that the “…amazing customer service” team at VisionWeb is available for extra support if she needs it. “It’s been a great relationship. They always respond quickly.”

Tobolski says her whole department is more organized and efficient, which helps the lab run more efficiently. Eye care practices appreciate being able to place their orders online, versus a slower method like phone or fax or even email. Plus Midland’s digital, high-tech processing system is available to more people. VisionWeb’s ordering platform made it easier for Midland to expand its market – and for Tobolski to manage that process much more efficiently than would have been possible with a manual system.


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