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Testing the Capabilities of Telemedicine While Providing Patients Access to Providers

telemedicine featured 06 2020

The New England College of Optometry went in big with telemedicine early during the COVID-19 pandemic. Massachusetts was an early hotspot for the spread of the coronavirus, and by mid-March the college had partnered with EyecareLive to see what they could learn and share. Women In Optometry spoke with three ODs who jumped on board, not only to ensure that they could continue to provide some services to patients but also to examine how well the system could work under pressure.


nicole ross featured

Nicole Ross, OD, MSc, FAAO, says that the college’s teams had to convert research into practice quickly. “Certainly, complex refractive needs or issues need to be addressed in the office. But our previous research indicates that telemedicine visits are feasible for follow-up and device training visits.” Read more.


sarah williams featured

Sarah Williams, OD, assistant professor of specialty care at NECO and attending pediatric optometrist at the NECO Center for Eye Care, has looked at the research studies that show that in-office vision therapy sessions for convergence insufficiency and eye team issues are more effective than at-home sessions or stop-and-start therapy. Read more.


Anita Gulmiri, OD, FAAO, an assistant professor of clinical optometry and attending OD at the school’s Optometry Center for Eye Care, has known about the EyecareLive platform for some time and had even been involved with fellows doing research on the visual acuity function of the program. Read more.

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