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Dr. Caitlin Reghetti: Supporting Patient Education With a Great Design

caitlin reghetti photo with her design logo behind her
Dr. Reghetti, photos and art samples courtesy of Dr. Reghetti

On her LinkedIn page, Caitlin Reghetti, OD, calls herself an ocular health literacy designer. It’s a specialized role that brings together her interests in graphic design and patient education.

In this podcast, Dr. Reghetti talks about how her interest in writing (see her food blog Cuts and Crumbles ) and a desire to modernize the look and feel of patient education and office forms helped her create a new business: drdeghettidesigns.com.

She explains how she works with other eye care professionals to customize the templates that she has already created or start from scratch for a patient education piece. And she emphasizes that being able to present a printed brochure to patients is critical to reinforcing what they’ve been told in the exam room.

Here are just a few samples of her work .

A modern intake form

Patient education on ordering eyewear online

A myopia referral form


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