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Dr. Roya Attar: AI Is Essentially the Next Industrial Revolution

roya attar speaks about AI in optometry
Dr. Attar

Roya Attar, OD, FAAO, MBA, DHA, of Jackson, Mississippi, says that when she first started getting into artificial intelligence (AI) for optometry, “I used it to look at fundus photos and OCTs and generating a diagnosis–and I was impressed with that.” But beyond that, she has found so many ways that AI helps her at work and at home.

Now, she says, “I can’t really think of where it can’t be used.” Its capacities include streamlining patient appointments, maintaining a presence on social media, help with translation and so much more.

Listen to this podcast where Dr. Attar encourages and guides listeners to start getting comfortable with using AI in a variety of ways, while remembering that all generative AI output still needs human review.

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