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Kaitlyn Duran, OD, Has Mad Organizational Skills

Dr. Kaitlyn Duran in graduation regalia - she talks about how her organizational skills and time management focus to prioritize the things that were most important to her.
Dr. Duran graduated in 2023.

Kaitlyn Duran, OD, is coming into her first job in her career with an enviable level of organizational skills and disciple. While she was in optometry school, she ran the Boston Marathon–twice. In this podcast, she details some the apps and strategies she uses to stay organized and how the discipline will help her as she starts her career and pays off student loans.

Here are some of her tips:

Get the Opal app – a digital well-being assistant, this app turns off distracting apps allowing for greater focus.

Download a website blocker: She found a Chrome-specific extension, but there are many options that allow a user to simply block access to certain websites during specific hours. Here’s a list of some.

Dr. Duran finishing the Boston Marathon
Dr. Duran completed the Boston Marathon twice during optometry school.

Use planners and Google calendars with color coding to get a good, comprehensive view or what is most important that day.

Find a time management strategy that works for you. As a student, the Pomodoro method worked for her, in which she’d work for 25 minutes, take a five-minute break and repeat the cycle. After four cycles, she’d take a longer break of 15 minutes or so to go take a short walk.

Congratulations, Dr. Duran – and the class of 2023. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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