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CooperVision Names 2024 Best Practices Honorees and Student Awards

CooperVision has announced its 2024 Best Practices honorees, as well as their 2024 student award winners. Congratulations to all!

2024 Best Practices Honorees

Dr. Wellik

Dr. Anderson

Dr. McMullen

Dr. Marshall


Apple Valley Eye Care, Apple Valley, Minnesota; Patrick J. Wellik, OD; Annika E. Anderson, OD; Amanda McMullen, OD; Kaitlyn Marshall, OD

Dr. Hornberger

Dr. White
Bright Family Eye Care, West Harrison, Indiana; Samantha Hornberger, OD; Jenny White, OD

Dr. McFerron

Dr. Malensky

Dr. Ozuna
Canby Eyecare, Canby, Oregon; Ashley K. McFerron, OD; Meghan Malensky, OD; Laura Ozuna, OD

Dr. Barney

Dr. Peterson
Eagle Vision, Eagle Mountain, Utah; Tyler Barney, OD; Jason Peterson, OD

Dr. McCulley

Dr. Motacek
McCulley Optix Gallery, West Fargo, North Dakota; Melissa McCulley, OD; Ashley Motacek, OD

Dr. Gifford
North Carolina Primary Vision Care Associates, Concord, North Carolina; Mark Gifford, OD

Dr. Hong

Dr. Hom

Dr. Huang

Dr. Kim

Dr. Jensen

Dr. Voltz

Dr. Caul

Dr. Ong
Optometric Center for Family Vision Care & Vision Therapy, San Carlos, California; Carole L. Hong, OD, FCOVD; Veronica Hom, OD; Cynthia Y. Huang, OD; Julie Kim, OD; Kristi Jensen, OD, FCOVD; Kelly Voltz, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA; Susan Caul, OD; Ellen Ong, OD, FAAO







Dr. Chan

Dr. Deng

Dr. Wong


Pacific Rims Optometry, San Francisco, California; Selena Chan, OD; Meng Deng, OD; Jennifer Wong, OD; Peggy Zeng, OD (not pictured); Mark Replogle, OD (not pictured)

Dr. Mann
Stone Oak Vision Source, San Antonio, Texas; Chandler R. Mann II, OD


2024 student award winners

Alice Kim
Alice Kim, The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Optometry

Kendra Kim
Kendra Kim, State University of New York, College of Optometry

Meagan Seufert
Meagan Seufert, Pacific University College of Optometry


Read more from CooperVision here.

Read more news from WO here.

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