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Turning Eye Care Into a Brand

One year to $1 million lands OD a spot in Forbes Next 1000

In only one year, Line of Sight achieved a number of accomplishments. Jennifer Tsai, OD, was recently recognized by Forbes in its Next 1000 feature. Despite being a one-year-old start-up, the practice has rapidly grown to gain 10,000 patients and revenue of $1.3 million.


The wide range of eye care services from deep cleansing to specialized eye treatments contributed to the success of Line of Sight. “Any place can offer eye exams, but not everywhere can offer a variety of services. It’s easy to lose sight of the patient experience amid daily routines, but it’s important to treat it as your primary concern,” she says.

Each patient receives full attention and care from Dr. Tsai and her staff; the practice limits appointment slots to only one patient at a time. “I always believed that an eye examination should be personalized around each patient and his or her specific lifestyle and needs. I integrate wellness concerns into the eye exam, and we discuss how to take care of not only the eyes, but overall health as well,” she says. Dr. Tsai spends approximately 45 minutes with each patient, using the time to focus only on their ocular and wellness needs without any interruptions.


New technology goes hand-in-hand with better service. “I believe that in order to have the best service, you need to have the best technology. The investment is important because I’m able to provide a more detailed report and accurate measurements,” she says. She invested early in the Lumenis IPL, and her ZEISS examination and diagnostic equipment have made exam lanes better and more seamless.

In addition to comprehensive eye exams, patients can receive additional services such as getting their vision tested for their driver’s license renewal when they come in for ocular aesthetics, lid hygiene and deep cleansing. Patients who build up biofilm or plaque on their eyelid margin due to makeup or have ocular conditions such as eyelid pigmentation, droopy lids, ocular rosacea, chalazions and more can improve their symptoms through non-surgical methods.

There’s no need to go anywhere else, and that’s the appeal of Line of Sight.


Her frame offerings are carefully curated to luxury and mostly independent eyewear collections that are not often seen in most optometry offices. “Independent eyewear brands tend to offer alternative styles and shapes that deviate from mainstream, conventional frames. They also offer a wide range of sizes better suited for all my patients, especially patients who can only fit petite sizes.




On opening day, Dr. Tsai only had 12 patients booked in her schedule. Yet, she was able to foster rapid and strong growth due to her patients. “I haven’t used any form of paid advertising. All our growth has been organic: my reviews, social media and referrals from many patients who send in their coworkers, friends, partners and family members,” she says.

The combination of in-depth eye examinations and wide choices of eyewear creates an enjoyable experience, which develops patient loyalty and captures potential patients. “I always strive to provide exceptional service to my patients, and this expands beyond me. Everyone who works in Line of Sight applies the same belief and provides the same kind of treatment and care,” she says.


Seeing her name on Forbes Next 1000 was a shock, Dr. Tsai says. “I was honored and also taken aback because Line of Sight is only one year old and went through many challenges due to the pandemic,” she says. Dr. Tsai’s staff and patients — especially her earliest patients who have witnessed all the changes — have told her they are excited to be part of the journey.


Juggling between being an OD and the owner of Line of Sight and Carrot Eyewear is not an easy task, but Dr. Tsai shares her secret tip: passion. “I am passionate about everything related to eye care, and when you’re passionate about something, it works,” she says. She delegates equal amounts of time to each of her responsibilities.

For current or aspiring entrepreneurs, she says the key trait to have is perseverance and resilience. “Everything is a learning experience, whether good or bad. It’s important to face all adversities and focus on the positives so you can overcome obstacles and come out stronger,” Dr. Tsai says.

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