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More Eye and Optical Apparel and Accessories, Please

More than half of the respondents to a recent Women In Optometry Pop-up Poll (58 percent) love looking for another piece of eye-inspired apparel or decor. Another 36 percent shared that while they don’t search for these items specifically, they will pick up a special trinket when they come across it. About five percent said that it’s not their style or that they don’t feel that eyeglasses well represent their medical training and capabilities.

What items are in highest demand? Eighty percent said jewelry, another 80 percent said clothing and 67 percent said decor for the home or office. Respondents could select multiple answers that applied to them. Footwear and children’s clothing were sought out, as well, but not as frequently.

Forty-two percent of poll participants said that they love to gift items such as these and wish there were more options, and another 44 percent said that they are the perfect presents for optometry colleagues and classmates. Twenty-seven percent choose not to give eye-inspired items.

For now, keep ’em coming: 57 percent said that they don’t have enough of these fun tributes to their profession, and 27 percent that maybe their collection is coming to a close. Just 16 percent said that they don’t need or want any more. Eighty percent said these items are gifts that they give themselves, while 43 percent said that they are often received as a gift. Participants were able to select more than one answer.

In case you missed it, WO recently featured some women in the profession who make or sell eye-inspired items.

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