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Doctor Provides Relief for Those Who Suffer From Floaters

A photo of Dr. Gearing
Dr. Gearing

Until very recently, there were limited options for patients with floaters. As a result, Elizabeth Gearing, OD, of Estero Eyecare, LLC, inside corporate locations in Estero and Fort Myers, Florida, couldn’t do much more than sympathize with patients who experienced floaters in their eyes. But now that there’s something she can do, she makes it a point to ask every patient with floaters if they are aggravating or affecting their day-to-day lives. If they say yes, she recommends VitreousHealth, the new formula from MacuHealth, a safe and non-invasive option for patients with floaters. Many patients notice improvement quickly.

VitreousHealth is scientifically proven to significantly reduce floaters, enhance visual function and improve a patient’s quality of life. “VitreousHealth is a great option for patients with floaters that are annoying or interfering with their daily lives,” she says.

Floaters can affect patients of any age, Dr. Gearing says. She recently had a patient who suddenly had floaters after a car accident. After establishing that the retina was not damaged in the accident, Dr. Gearing discussed options for treating floaters. These included trying to allow the brain to adapt and eventually ignore the floaters, opting for risky laser treatments that may actually damage the retina or taking Vitreous Health supplements. Ultimately, the patient and she decided Vitreous Health was the best alternative.


a bottle of vitreoushealth supplements to reduce eye floatersIt’s easy to recommend VitreousHealth, Dr. Gearing says, because it’s based on research. A groundbreaking double-blind, placebo-controlled Floater Intervention Study, published in Translational Vision Science & Technology, found that nearly 67% of patients recognized an improvement in their symptoms within six months. Scientists also reported an improvement in the patient’s vitreous opacity or floater size.

“If we live long enough, almost all of us develop floaters,” Dr. Gearing says. “Some folks are fortunate enough not to notice them. But most of us will see them eventually, particularly when looking at a bright background or bright blue sky.”

VitreousHealth’s formulation is proven to deliver:

  • 46% decrease in visual discomfort from floaters
  • -47% improvement in daily visual experience
  • -9% improvement in contract sensitivity


Dr. Gearing is an advocate for promoting not only better eye health but improved health overall. “Using the right supplement could be helpful in slowing the progression of a number of age-related diseases,” Dr. Gearing says.

She takes MacuHealth’s Triple Carotenoid Formula supplements herself. “I wish I had this option for myself in school because the cognitive benefits are remarkable,” she says. With the excellent safety profile and blend of antioxidants, she says she’s happy to be able to provide herself some relief from her oxidative stress.  With her recommendation and the science-backed technology, it’s an easy sell.

She takes the MacuHealth Triple Carotenoid Formula because the proprietary combination of lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin helps replenish macular pigment and have been shown to enhance visual performance and even cognitive function. “I can remember details better than ever now,” she says.


Dr. Gearing stocks the MacuHealth products that she recommends, so patients can make a one-stop-shop. Patients are often overwhelmed by supplement choices when they walk into retail locations. It can be difficult to know which ones are made with the right ingredients. Without the proper formulation, supplements may not be absorbed well by the body. Dr. Gearing recommends MacuHealth because of the unique formula. No other carotenoid supplement contains all three of these nutrients in a single capsule that match the macula. It’s also vegan, gluten-free and made in the U.S.  “There are no contraindications or side effects,” Dr. Gearing says. “Just about anyone can safely take these supplements.”

Selling quality supplements in her practice creates another important touchpoint with patients. Not only are they coming back annually to get their updated prescriptions and comprehensive exams, but they know that they will benefit from Dr. Gearing’s holistic approach to their overall health.

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