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Beacon Optometry: Beachy Eye Care in SoCal

Dr. Anika Ramolia

Anika Ramolia, OD, spent more than a decade working for corporate and private ODs. But two years ago, a health scare and a strong need to spend more time with her two young children started her thinking more seriously about taking a leap of faith to open her own practice.

In April 2023, she found a space less than two miles away from her home in Carlsbad, California. The 1,000-square-foot space was one of 15 units in a newly renovated plaza, 13 of which were already operating as female-owned local businesses. Feeling the positive buzz of community in the plaza, she signed her lease in June 2023 and started construction right away. Beacon Optometry had its grand opening March 15, 2024.


The space was completely gutted before the revamp began.

Knowing what she wanted but not sure where to start, Dr. Ramolia enlisted help from iCare Advisors and Karina K Studio. Her plan was simple: two exam rooms, a pretesting area and an on-site lab, all in a space that made patients “feel at home.”

With a large demographic of young professionals in the area, Dr. Ramolia aimed for an “upscale, coastal feel.” That’s reflected by her investments in technology, such as Topcon lane equipment, and a lens edger, which allows her to deliver finished eyewear quickly when needed.

Her contractors gutted the interior and ran electricity and plumbing. They sprayed the ceiling black and laid a luxury vinyl plank flooring, something that’s easy to clean and adds to the lightweight feel of the space. A communal sink between exam rooms saves space.

The optical was painted white, and frames shelves vary from light wood to glass. She chose a soft lighting throughout, as she didn’t need bright overhead lights thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows on the front wall that allow in natural light.

As the design came to life, Dr. Ramolia’s only concern was that there was “too much white in the space. I wanted to play with textures and decided to include slatted batten board accent walls in each exam lane.” She also incorporated texture into the front desk—wrapped in corkboard with a marble top—and rounded the archways to add a more modern feel.

The optical furniture, rugs and décor were found on Wayfair, Amazon, AllModern and West Elm, identified and selected as Dr. Ramolia “scrolled Pinterest until I fell asleep.” She also had a custom barn door made as a feature to one of the rooms, which incorporates dark wood to contrast the otherwise beachy space. Her husband, Shardul Ramolia, “acted as my handyman and spent lots of time putting furniture together and hanging pictures and mirrors.”


She added a drink station where patients can select sparkling and still water. Patients and customers are also greeted by a custom beach scent that Dr. Ramolia and optician Ellyn Horton created together at a candle bar. “It was a great bonding experience for us,” Dr. Ramolia says, “and we burn it every day.”

Dr. Ramolia was also hands-on with designing the logo—a combination of her “obsession” with eyeglasses and being a shining light for patients needing eye care. “I see a beacon as a guiding light, so I knew I wanted a lighthouse in the logo. We also incorporated gold and blue, colors that are prominent throughout the office.”

The office logo.

While she has been officially open only since March, Dr. Ramolia already feels right at home. “To be in a complex almost completely run by female business owners has been incredible,” she says. “To know that there’s another woman just next door going through the same thing as an owner and a mother, it’s nice to have that connection and support.”

She says the other owners have been “so supportive. We all attend each other’s events and donate gift cards for them to raffle off.”

The office is open Monday through Friday. Walk ins are welcome.

Dr. Ramolia with her husband and sons.

Blue accent walls: Cavalry by Glidden
Optical walls: Decorator’s White CC-20 by Benjamin Moore


Find Dr. Ramolia and Beacon Optometry on socials:

Instagram: @BeaconOptometry

Facebook: Beacon Optometry

Website: beaconoptometry.com



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