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Abby Platform Makes Everyone’s Days Easier at Nine-Doctor Practice

Tara Morrison

Just one year after bringing the Abby platform to Berks Eye in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, optical manager Tara Morrison has helped the practice increase online contact lens sales by almost ten-fold. She’s been at the practice almost six years and says the Abby platform—a free, direct-to-patient contact lens ordering and shipping platform from ABB Optical— has been a “gamechanger.”


caricature of Abby, the icon of the contact lens ordering system from abb optical.
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Morrison has always looked for ways to increase profitability and efficiency at the busy, nine-doctor practice, where the flow can reach up to 200 patients per day. Before the practice incorporated the Abby platform, employees’ time with patients routinely got interrupted by phone calls or handling lens deliveries.  The minutes added up as staff members needed to receive contact lens orders, call patients and dispense the lenses when patients came in. It wasn’t the best use of resources, Morrison says. “The Abby platform has freed up so much time for customer service.”

Abby’s free direct-to-customer shipping isn’t limited to specific contact lens brands like other platforms, Morrison says. Plus, no hidden or monthly fees means streamlined and immediate profitability.


Before Abby, the completely-paper-chart practice had a button on its website allowing patients to place contact lens orders. Now, all patients who are fitted in contact lenses get their own ABBY account while they’re in the office. The easy-to-use platform walks patients step by step through the ordering process whether they’re in the office or at home. If patients choose to take advantage of the practice’s “try before you buy” deal, Abby automatically sends a reminder email to order their lenses or refill scripts when the time comes.

“Prescriptions are automatically loaded onto the patient’s account, which keeps staff from having to re-pull paper charts when patients call to order their lenses,” Morrison says. “The entire process has been streamlined.”

Not only is the Abby platform intuitive enough even for patients who aren’t typically ordering products online, but it’s easy for staff to learn and present. The online dashboard allows Morrison and her staff to see sales in real time. They also get routine sales reports, helping the team identify gaps or inefficiencies in their contact lens sales.

“We have so much more time to spend with patients while still giving them the best and most convenient options,” Morrison says. “Abby has made everything easier.”


Learn more about the Abby platform or register here for the upcoming Abby webinar on October 19 at 12 ET.


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