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Woman Claims Contact Lens Caused Her to Lose Eye, Sues Hubble Parent Company

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A New Mexico woman is suing Hubble parent company Vision Path after claiming that defective contact lenses caused her to lose her eye.

The lawsuit states that Stephanie Guarisco was “severely injured through her use” of Vision Care Hubble Contacts’ contact lenses, “despite Plaintiff taking proper care.” Allegedly, the contact lenses caused the Plaintiff to have “multiple emergency room visits, surgical procedures, extreme pain and discomfort, eyesight impairment and the total loss of Plaintiff’s right eye.”

The complaint reads, “Hubble contact lenses were unsafe, defective, and inherently dangerous in that the contact lenses were subject to a high rate of eye infections and corneal damage during normal and customary use.”

The complaint was filed June 30, 2023, after the Plaintiff purchased and used the contact lenses in 2020. According to CBS News, “She wore the daily lenses until late July of that same year. Weeks later, severe pain in her left eye required her to visit a hospital emergency room, and an optometrist subsequently diagnosed Guarisco with an inflamed iris condition called iridocyclitis, the suit claims.”

While the contact lenses are approved by the FDA, Guarisco claims a component of the contact lens, Methafilcon A, “a material no longer prescribed for contact lenses in the United States,” according to the lawsuit.


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