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Holiday Hubbub is Welcomed Stress, Poll Respondents Say

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A recent WO poll asked readers about holidays around the office, including gift giving and party planning.

Respondents were split at 44% each, for a total of 88%, saying either holidays are “somewhat stressful” or “not stressful at all.” Those who said holidays can add more to their to-do list said staying organized helps take the guesswork out of holiday planning. Those who said holidays don’t act as a point of pressure for them reporting enjoying the hubbub of gift buying, wrapping, planning and more. The 12% that reported holidays being “quite stressful” said expectations and schedule conflicts are often the hardest part.


Whatever December holiday staff celebrates, gives are exchanging hands at most practices. The majority of respondents (70%) said they give individual gifts or cash to their employees around the winter holidays. Cash was the most popular gift at 50% of respondents, with others reporting specific, individual gifts or white elephant parties.

Of those giving cash as a gift to their staff, 63% said that the amount is based on salary or amount of time worked in the year. Just over a quarter of respondents (27%) said everyone gets the same amount. One respondent said, “On top of the Christmas gift, if we hit our year end goal, our staff gets a bonus. The bonus is based on longevity and if the person is part-time or full-time.”


While three-fourths (75%) of respondents said they both give gifts and host a holiday party, 20% said the event acts as the gift, usually going all out with food, decor and festivities. One respondent said, “We have a very small office and my staff frequently socializes together, so the holiday celebration is just a fun expansion of that.”


Almost half (44%) of respondents were female ODs and 31% were non-OD females. Another 19% were male ODs and 6% were non-OD males.

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