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Pay It Forward: Advice for Renovations

Morgan Welburn, OD, and her practice partner Alexandra Rowley, OD, of Renfrew, Ontario, recently completed an office expansion and renovation in the summer of...

OD Learns Four Life Lessons During Time in the Military

No matter one’s age, profession or way of life, most people can think back on a few life lessons they’ve learned and lived by....

Investing 101: Understanding Stocks Through Positioning

By Natalie Hayes Schmook, MBA, CFP, CVA When I talk about the stock market, eyes sometimes quickly glaze over because investment professionals tend to use...

5 Ways to Help Your Dry Eye Patients Heal Naturally

By Jenna Zigler, OD, FAAO—We’ve begun to see a surge of patients who come in with dry eye symptoms, and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start.
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