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Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote: Identify and Lean Into Your Own Bold Leadership

Portrait of Erin O'Malley - keynote speaker for Be Bold- Leading With Confidence
Erin O’Malley

What does bold leadership mean to you? Erin O’Malley a leadership advisor and communication specialist, will deliver the keynote at the Women’s Leadership Conference, Be Bold–Leading With Confidence. The meeting will be held live within the American Academy of Optometry meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, on Oct. 10.

O’Malley’s keynote is titled Embrace YOUR Bold. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or brand new in a leadership role, the demands and expectations placed on women leaders from their teams, patients and society can be exhilarating and daunting at the same time. These expectations, combined with a healthy dose of ambition and drive characteristic of most women leaders, require a certain type of leadership style: bold leadership.  

The keynote is sponsored by EssilorLuxottica.


O’Malley understands the connection between strong leadership, engaged teams and loyal customers. Ten years in hospitality leadership proved the perfect playground to hone her leadership expertise and teach her a thing or two about customer experience.

Looking for a new audience to lead, she headed to Panama to serve as a Community Economic Development Volunteer in the Peace Corps. From drawing pictures in the sand, when it was the only medium available, to enabling community leaders to earn micro-financing, two-plus years living on an island of 300 people gave her a new perspective on work, leadership and what makes people tick.


In all of her work roles, places she has lived, and characters she has encountered, she discovered there was a common thread that ties the places, people and possibility together: the power of human connection. Since her return from her Panamanian adventure, she broadened her facilitation and consultation work out to other industries. She has worked with companies from BMW to Delta Airlines, The Kennedy Center to AvisBudgetGroup, Amgen Pharmaceuticals to Hilton Hotels. The more organizations, leaders, and frontline teams insist their problems are unique, the more evidence O’Malley discovers that the traits that connect us are universal.

She now shares her Connection Framework, how to bring curiosity, care and control to create cultures of connection. Her work focuses on giving people the tools and inspiration they need to imagine what’s possible and discover their impact. She helps growth-minded leaders build cultures of connection to retain and inspire their teams and customers.

Listen to a message from Erin here.

Learn more about and register for the Women’s Leadership Conference, Oct. 10, 2023, a live event in New Orleans, Louisiana.


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